“Why Math Might Be the Secret to School Success”

By Doug Abell

In case you missed it on NPR’s Morning Edition program on Dec. 9th, I think you’d find the above titled story worth a listen. Below is the link to it.

The story runs less than 4 minutes and is a report on research being conducted with pre-school children living in poverty and the impact of teaching them math skills on their future school success. “In New York City, an ambitious, $25 million study is collecting evidence on the best way to raise outcomes for kids in poverty. Their hunch is that it may begin with math.”

As I listen to the story, images of the kids at Hope-Hill, OPEACE, learning mathand Big Bethel came to mind.

An innovative, high energy math curriculum is being used. From the gleeful sounds the kids, it sounded like they were having a grand time learning math facts.

As an advocate interested in the education and well-being of children, it’s good to be aware of efforts to identify methods/strategies that can contribute to academic success. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to all!



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