Read Across America Day is Coming Soon–A Message of Appreciation from Hope-Hill


A Message from Hope-Hill’s Volunteer Coordinator


I wanted to take a moment and send out a quick email thanking each of you for your time investment and your service to our school.  I have heard from teacher after teacher that they feel so supported.  You are truly making a difference in our community by investing your heart the way you are.  I know there are times you probably feel like your efforts are not life-shaping, but I can tell you that they truly are–encouragement from you is life-giving.  Thanks so much!

I am trying to get ahead of events that will conflict with our academic mentoring. One that I know is coming up is March 2nd, Read Across America Day.  Volunteers will be in the building to read to the students from 9-10am on that day.  That may in fact interfere with your time if you serve on Wednesdays from 9-10am.  I wanted to make you aware prior to that day.  Also, if you want to sign up to be a part of the day, you are more than welcome to come and read; you can sign up at

Thanks again for your support!
Angie Lewis

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