Hope-Hill Volunteer Info: May Schedule at Hope-Hill

1f29a3ae-b68a-4adb-bd5c-957bf7933354                   A message from Angie Lewis of Hope-Hill:

A huge thank you to all who have invested in the children of Hope-Hill!

The year is coming to a close (and it’s coming quickly!)  I wanted to let everyone know the May schedule so we were all on the same page.

May 2-6: Normal week, except 1st graders go to the zoo on May 5th.

 May 9-13th is a normal week.

May 16-20: Wednesday–Puppets workshop, Thursday–Field Day (PK-2nd), Friday–Field Day (3rd-5th)

*Yes, we can still use your help during these times, it will just not be academic in focus.

May 23-25: Tuesday:Awards Day (K-2nd, 3-4th), Wednesday: Awards Day (PreK, 5th)

And…for those of you who do not know, May 25th is the last day of school!

Thanks again for all that you have done to make this school year great.  We will make even greater strides next year!  I cannot wait to see what our community looks like in the future!

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