A Valentine from Hope-Hill, Our First Partner in Education


Happy Valentine’s Day
Hope-Hill is Loved!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Love is in the air today…. But, at Hope-Hill, we have been experiencing this love all year long.  I want to share with you some of these amazing things happening during our 2016-2017 school year:

108 Academic Mentors (individuals within our cluster and community) are coming into the building every week to work one-on-one with our students.  

Our 4th and 5th grade Gifted students are going to Philadelphia because of generous donations from our neighbors and our cluster schools!  A special thanks to Alice Brookner and our cluster schools: Inman, MaryLin, Spark and MES–it feels great to know we are a part of a wonderful family!

RouteMatch adopted our Eagle Store. They are providing for and manning this behavior incentive monthly.

Morningside Presbyterian Preschool provides snacks and supplies to our teachers once a month (for which our teachers are incredibly grateful…especially on days when they need a quick snack to pick them up!)

Tapestry Church came to beautify our campus, fed the teachers and built desks for our teachers.  They were able to complete some projects that will really help us as a school.

Wheat Street Baptist Church supported our school by purchasing a popcorn machine (which gets used OFTEN) and a new podium for our Awards Programming.  They even came and supported our students at Awards Day.

The Dignity Store has adopted HHES and is providing quality materials for our students to ‘purchase’ from their store. 

Heery International awarded HHES PTA with a $5000 grant that will go toward 21st Century Classrooms and Campus Beautification.

Every 3rd grade student has received a Home Learning Center this year!  This was done through the work of the MLK Collaborative along with PowerMyLearning–a free laptop for each 3rd grader to keep as their own.  This was a $48,000 grant!

MailChimp is sponsoring our 5th grade class, this is a $28,000 sponsorship!  With this funding, we were able to outfit our entire 5th grade with 21st century classroom furniture!  (Check out the picture below).

PTA has worked tirelessly to provide support to our teachers–they have provided monthly Terrific Thursdays lunches, funds for field trips, funds for various clubs and have orchestrated our two biggest events–Fall Festival and Field Day (coming up on May 17-18th).

HHES Foundation has worked incredibly hard this year as well.  They hosted a very successful 1st Annual O4W5K, raising money that has gone toward teacher grants, field trip initiatives and a new curriculum called Flocabulary.  Stayed tuned as the 2nd Annual O4W5K is just around the corner!

Hands On Atlanta will be working with our school to beautify our campus in the upcoming months!  Plans are underway for this project.  

Grant writing. Julie Allen, a wonder community member has taken the lead in helping us search for and write grants.  We are currently awaiting the results of two more grants that Ms. Allen has graciously written.

AND…Last but certainly not least….Each grade level has been adopted by various people and organizations and these groups are supporting our staff and our students.   Each team has a parent, a community member and an organization working together.

  PreK: St Paul’s Presbyterian Church and Katelyn Digioia
Kinder: Mt Sinai Baptist Church and Katie Caldwell
1st Grade: Atlanta Mom’s Making a Difference and Lee and Darlene Gillespy
2nd Grade: Blueprint Church and Susanna Roberts
3rd Grade: MLK Collaborative, HEY!  and Karen Zgnoc
4th Grade: Wheat Street Baptist Church, Eugenia Esquivel and Debra Jones
5th Grade: MailChimp with Lain Shakespeare and Ashley Jones, and Suzanne McPherson

These groups have focused heavily in their one grade level and have made a TREMENDOUS difference this year.  They have provided for their grade’s wishlists, purchasing paper, tablets, markers, balls, magnets, etc and they have helped plan and fund the grade level Fun Fridays (behavior incentive).  

We could not have accomplished all that we have this year without all of our support.  Our community is amazing and we are very grateful!   We love you!  Happy Valentine’s Day from HHES Eagles.


Hope-Hill is Loved by MailChimp!

MailChimp adopted our fifth grade class this year forming an incredible partnership.  This wonderful company located in the Old Fourth Ward has invested in our students in a real way.  Multiple employees come to the school weekly to academically mentor our students, faithfully working with the students one on one.  In January, MailChimp invited the 5th grade class to tour their facility, transforming their view of the work environment.  This opened up many of their eyes to the opportunities that are right here in their neighborhood.  After the tour, the students were allowed to shop for books from books that were donated by the MailChimp employees–each child went home with 9 new books to call their own in a cute little tote bag that they were able to decorate with the staff.  In addition to all of this, MailChimp has funded the 5th grade enrichment trip to Washington DC where our students will get to tour the Holocoust museum, the Smithsonian museums, the Botanical Gardens, MLK memorial, Washington Monument and so much more.  We are incredibly grateful for the generosity, the love and for this staff believing in our students!


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