Who are the Partners*?

We are a social justice ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta. Our calling is to provide support, academic enrichment (i.e. tutoring, after-school clubs, classroom/teacher support, special events), and advocacy for disadvantaged, inner-city children who attend Hope-Hill Elementary School and those living in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood.

Who do the Partners serve?

Children in need of academic support who mostly come from families living in poverty. Many of the children we serve need personalized help in developing their math and reading skills.   Others can benefit from the academic stimulation our after-school math and science clubs provide. We work collaboratively with teachers and staff at our partner organizations to help each of our kids achieve their highest level of academic success.  Learn about what it’s like to live and grow up in the Hope-Hill/Old Fourth Ward Neighborhood on our website here.

Are the Partners a new UUCA group?

No. For 20+ years UUCA and Hope-Hill Elementary School have maintained a partnership focused on academic support and enrichment for Hope-Hill kids. To provide even more support for “our” Hope-Hill kids, we work in partnership with Operation P.E.A.C.E. which provides free after-school and summer care and educational enrichment. And, on Saturdays, UUCA members and friends work with our partners at the Big Bethel AME Church’s Saturday School for at-risk children. Our focus has remained the same: To support kids who attend Hope-Hill and who may also receive services at OPEACE and Big Bethel.

What is the relationship between the Partners and Promise the Children?

Both are officially recognized UUCA social justice ministries. Though separate, the two groups work closely together. The Partners focus specifically on direct service to children in the Hope-Hill Neighborhood. Promise the Children engages in a broad array of advocacy, education, and direct service programs relating to children. Learn more about PTC’s activities here.

How can I or my group become involved with the Partners?

You have two options: “Be a Friend” and/or “Be a Volunteer.” Friends agrees to provide support in ways that do not require volunteering time on a regular basis. As a Friend you/your group can work on your own schedule in supporting the work of the Partners. Volunteers make a commitment of time on a regular basis to work directly with children and staff at one or more of our partner organization.   Check out the Be a Friend and Be a Volunteer pages this website for more details about these important roles and how you and/or your group can become involved.

Where can I get more information about the Partners?

  • Best source is this website: uucapartnersineducation.org
  • Have a question? Send an e-mail to: partnersineducation@uuca.org or tutors@uuca.org
  • Social Hall Table. Stop by our table on any Sunday. You can chat with a Partnership member and pick-up written information.
  • Hope-Hill Neighborhood Bulletin Board. Visit the board anytime you’re at UUCA for written information. The board is across from Room 208.

*For the purposes of this FAQ, “Partners” is used to refer to the UUCA Hope-Hill Neighborhood Partners in Education.