Happy Holidays – and Important Dates – from Hope-Hill

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Big Bethel’s 87th Year of “Heaven Bound,” Nov. 10 and 11

Posted on behalf of our friends at Big Bethel AME Church, whose Big Bethel Saturday Academy is one of our three partners in education:


” … one of Atlanta’s most enduring traditions… ”

The New York Times

In November,1929, shortly after the onset of the Great Depression, Lula Byrd Jones’s idea of a morality play to be presented in Bethel Church germinated in the search for a fund­ raising project. The play would depict the arduous Christian journey leading toward heavenly rewards. The whole spectrum of humankind would be represented by ‘pilgrims, plagued and taunted by life’s experiences. The idea quickly caught the imagination of the choir, one thought led to another, and a genius work of folk art was born. A procession of saints and angels would come marching through the pearly gates. Singing a song which pours out his or her grief, which reaffirms his or her faith or which lifts up a fervent prayer for the strength to endure, each pilgrim would confront Satan along the way. Some of them would be waylaid, and others spell bound by the trickery and deceit. A celestial choir would raise a mighty hymn when a struggling pilgrim reached the Promised Land. Finally, a “Soldier in the Army of the Lord,” in a heated clash, would deliver a fatal blow to Satan and the Heavenly Host would rejoice.

In February, 1930, at ten cent at head, Heaven Bound makes its debut to a packed house. The play soon became a church-wide production, which returned year after year to huge crowds, and high critical acclaim. Time magazine, in 1931, reported that more than eight thousand people saw an early presentation of the play at the old Atlanta Theatre, with five thousand more packed them in. Out of the Depression and through the War Years, Heaven bound continued to pack them in. By popular demand, the pageant played in towns and cities in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. The outstanding choirs performed  with the world premiere of “Gone with the Wind” and the Pops Concert series at the Fox Theatre and Chastain Memorial Park.

Presented more than 800 times, the play has been featured in the New York Times in local print and television media. More than one million tickets have been sold since the performance. One saint who performed during the Great Depression, Edna Collier, continues to perform.


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Party for Operation PEACE—Like It’s Totally 80’s—Sun., Nov. 5


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Reminder: Hope-Hill Fall Festival is This Friday, Oct. 27, 3:00 to 5:00 PM

fall festival

You can sign up to volunteer here.

Angie Lewis adds: “Also, if anyone can bring baked goods for the cake walk, that would be amazing! (The grocery stores are not helping as much as they did last year.)”

Donations—they’re tax deductible!—can be made here.

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Fall Festival Volunteers NEEDED! (October 27, 3-6pm)

fall festival

Please sign up for a time slot.  We can also use your help with donations for food and our dunk tank. (Ms. Wheeler will be the first in the dunk tank!!)  If you want to help, please click either link below.

For Signing up to Help Volunteer:

For donations:


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Hope-Hill Elementary will be closed October 9-13

no school

The students are out of school next week for Fall Break.

They will return on October 16th with a normal schedule.  If you are an Academic Mentor, please note that the schools will be closed and there will not be any children to mentor. 🙂


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Meet Hope-Hill’s and Other Grady Cluster Principals, Wed., Sept. 13

Reposted on behalf of our friends at CINS, the Council of Intown Neighborhood Schools,

a nonprofit organization that supports Atlanta’s Grady cluster of schools through community engagement, advocacy and investment. … The Grady cluster encompasses a culturally and economically diverse population of more than 6,500 students. It includes Grady High School, Inman Middle School, four elementary schools (Hope-Hill, Mary Lin, Morningside and Springdale Park) and two K-8 charter schools (Centennial Academy and Kindezi Old Fourth Ward). 


Don’t miss CINS’ annual Grady Cluster Principals’ Forum on Wednesday, September 13 from 12 to 1:30 pm, at Springdale Park Elementary School. This annual event gives current and prospective Grady cluster parents an opportunity to hear our principals’ insights into their schools’ successes and challenges and find out how they are working collaboratively to provide a continuum of high-quality K-12 education for the 6,500 students in our cluster. Visit  Eventbrite for registration and more details, including parking information. This event is FREE.

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